Wholesale policies

My Captured Journey wholesale policies


You can shop wholesale from us by ordering on through the following channels:

Our website:

Faire marketplace:

Overview information

  • All of our products are made in Michigan by Brenda Bosscher and Jake Bosscher
  • All of our products are made of Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver, all Hypoallergenic and will not rust or tarnish
  • We have been in business since 2013, and making jewelry since 2008
  • We have a $250 opening order minimum and no minimums on re-orders
  • All of our products will come packaged, priced and fully “retail ready”


Your first order:

You can start ordering through our website by creating an account and selecting wholesale during the sign-up process, we will approve it as soon as possible. If you do not receive an approval/denial email within 48 hours, please call Brenda at (231)252-3002. To begin ordering through Faire, use the following link: and follow the sign up process or login if applicable.


There are no minimums on re-orders. The most efficient way to re-order is on our website or through Faire. This allows us to immediately begin fulfilling your order.


You may also call or email us directly with your order. Please note that the only person that will be able to process these orders is the owner, Brenda. With a busy schedule this can mean adding days to the turnover time. We strongly recommend ordering online.

Marketing materials for your use

Wholesale customers are permitted and encouraged to use any product photos from our website to promote products. You can feel free to use these on your website and social media pages as you wish. If you are in need of high-resolution photos for printed promotional materials, we can email them directly to you.

 Zip code protection policy


Our zip code protection policy is in place to protect stores, to keep any area from becoming over saturated with our products, and to build long lasting, strong business relationships. Customers that order a minimum of $1,000.00 in combined purchases in a 6-month period will be eligible for zip code protection for their store type after two consecutive periods.  If a reorder is not placed in a 6 month period, you will lose your zip code protection. Seasonal stores will only be required to meet these terms during their open season. Once eligible and approved, competing stores will not have the ability to reorder but they will be permitted to sell any remaining stock. Please note that zip code protection may not apply to stores of different categories in the same zip code. We use our best judgment choosing wholesale customers taking the following into account: location, customer demographic, store type, etc. It is not in our best interest to sell to too many stores in any concentrated area, so we will not do this.

Packaging & Display

Our products will arrive securely packaged and retail ready. Our items are priced. All items are packaged on our signature ‘polaroid’ packaging cards that feature Michigan photos and in a hanging box. Wholesale customers are not permitted to unpackage items or change our packaging.
We have displays available for our products. We can help recommend an option for you based on your space and the quantity/variety of products that you are carrying.

Pricing your items

We have a required minimum regular retail price or ‘SRP’ that we require wholesale customers to sell at. “Minimum regular retail price” is defined as the marked regular retail price. When you order, your items will come priced for convenience. We believe that it is very important to keep prices regulated as to not devalue our brand or create price undercutting.

 Payment terms

Our website: Unless you have set up terms directly with us, we require payment at the time of ordering. If you would like to discuss terms, please contact us.
Faire: We do not have the ability to change payment terms through Faire. Please refer to your account or contact Faire to see what your payment terms are.

 Additional info

  • Wholesale customers are only permitted to sell in approved locations only. Selling in additional store locations, online e-commerce platforms (Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, etc), festivals, events, farmers markets, etc. is prohibited. This policy is in place in conjunction with our zip code protection policy.
  • Wholesale customers are never permitted to resell and/or offer any of our products to another business or retailer under any circumstance.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue any wholesale account at our discretion.


The above policies described in the ‘My Captured Journey Wholesale terms and conditions’ document are in place to protect all parties and the overall integrity of our brand. We are a small business and My Captured Journey is our dream, livelihood that we have worked very hard to build.

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