Our story

Brenda here,
if you don’t know Jake and I, we would like to share with you who we are and how we got started with our jewelry making careers. We are Jake and Brenda Bosscher, and we are two people who can never sit still.
I started teaching myself to make jewelry in 2008 in high school, although it was terrible jewelry, I kept at it and people who loved me bought it (I am sorry that you guys had to wear that awful stuff). In 2013 I decided to turn it into my full-time job, fully embracing being poor and eating only ramen and I never looked back! Many years of business went by, changed a million times, changed back again, and again... then I met Jake. My world was forever changed. In 2017, because remember, we can never sit still, we decided Jake should learn to make jewelry and walk away from his steady paycheck too! Apparently, I’m really some kind of smooth talker! That decision has created a bond between us that is hard to put into words. We get to spend so much of our time together, even though we really work pretty separately from day-to-day. We always get to wake up together (actually Jake wakes up and lures me out of bed with promises of coffee), we have breakfast together, we drive to the office together listening to NPR, we have lunch together, we brainstorm together, and we get home together at the end of our day. We get to live our lives TOGETHER and we wouldn’t want it any other way.
So this is a loud, happy, yelling from a mountain-top, THANK YOU for your support. As cheesy as it sounds, it is thanks to the support from our customers, friends and family that we are able to continue to live our dream, fulfill our plans and we are able to ride this roller coaster TOGETHER.

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